On the Way, 2017 

Series of 12 photographs. Inkjet-prints on mat paper, each: 59,3x42cm


The aim is to find different ways with different forms and to confront them in order to express the experience of people on the way: Inventory of the ways, inventory of the people who are on the way. A large part of our life takes place on the road: an art of living for some, a search for the ideal for others, an adventure, a tradition, a necessity, an escape, a way out.

On the Way, 2017

Video (b/w, sound), 04:17 min. (loop)

Two videos run in parallel with the same content: the first one starts where the second one ends and vice versa. We are on the way, we're on the move, and yet everything is repeating itself!

We move forward and backward at the same time. Enigma of travel, enigma of life!