Kunst und Medien

15 digital collages

Reconstruction of past artworks with elements of current social media.


Guernica, der andere Krieg, 2019

Dimensions variable


Guernica, a work that expresses war and destruction, serves as a basis for a recomposition based on the symbols, icons, texts, etc., used by social media. The work in black and white takes on color, as it should in social networks, but it is the color of digital chaos!


Der Sohn von Apple, 2019

Inkjet-prints on paper, 82x63cm


American Gothic Selfie, 2019

Inkjet-prints on paper, 76x63,3cm


Der Wanderer über dem 11.September

Inkjet-prints on paper, 94,8×74,8 cm


Three Emoji Flags, 2019

Inkjet-prints on paper, 99,4×115,6cm